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Just a brief history

We started 10 years ago, as a software development group, and we started this journey sharing one common goal, to make and transform technology, closing it to the people, and we choosed the thing we do best, software.

Full of ideas on how to do the best for our customers, we started this exciting quest, that was dificult time to time, and we found out walking that path, that we were growing, that we were adding new and huge ideas to the table, that we were adquiring new levels of expertise on different and quite defined areas, that moved us to transform that initial team into a cluster.

We recently splitted our main core in 3 sets, and we cannot be more happy about that decision, because we are sure that focus is the path to success.

We are now:


Some of our clients


Clevercode: Tailored software development

There is no reason to deny it, we are geeks, technology and software develompent are in our core DNA from the begining of this journey. All along this years, we were able to develop a lot of tailored solutions for a huge variety of cases, so is safe to say that we are not just experts doing "this" or "that", our core expertise is to get totally in tune with the customer needs, and to help them to materialize that idea, that project into a rock solid and scalable piece of software.

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Walabit: Apps and Gaming development

What at some point began as a brief romance with the mobile trend, it became one of our most rooted abilities. Perhaps because it gave us the oportunity to totally release that inherent playfulness we have, and playing we found several way to materialize it in great games and Ludic Apps, we dug even deeper, and we gladly found that everything related to mobile development, was absolutely exciting.

A couple of years after, we still enjoy like the first day, every time that we kick off a new game development, or a utility App, and we are sure that the years to come, will be even more thrilling that the ones we left behind, because mobility, is everywere.

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Cognito: Artificial and semantic intelligence

Maybe if you took the time to read this far, you already realised that we love technology and new trends. And because of that, we had the urge to dive deeper into the Artificial Intelligence field. Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Big Data Sentiment Analysis... Is such an exciting field!

We developed a set of tools, that allows us to make from a chatbot, to a big data analysis tool that is able to find patterns in conversations, or even to detect intents, mood, sentiment in that huge ammount of data. And we are sure that, althoug a solid one, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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